Teifa means "the Difference" in Swahili

"Realizing an ecologically and economically sustainable and poverty-free Africa"

We are here to make the differece Teifa IQ


Transformational, Economic, and Ecological Infrastructure for Africa (Teifa)

TeifaIQ Africa is established as a South Africa-registered company that is focussed on providing knowledge-based support to African countries who wish to promote transformational development in Africa. The acronym Teifa stands for ‘Transformational economic and ecological infrastructure for Africa’. Teifa also means ‘the difference’ in Swahili. TeifaIQ Africa is established for the purpose of catalysing the promotion and development of transformational infrastructure in Africa through the provision of state-of-the-art knowledge inputs based on systems and transdisciplinary thinking. By doing so, it aspires to promote development pathways for African countries that can make a real difference.

Why Transformational Infrastructure?

The development of Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations and Agenda 2063 on the Africa We Want by the African Union has provided a renewed hope for understanding and addressing the deepening socio-economic and socio-ecological crisis. Africa’s ability to make real progress towards meeting these goals and aspirations will largely depend on the quality of infrastructure it develops in the coming years and decades.

Owing to their investment-intensity and relatively long life-time, infrastructure systems have significant lock-in effects that may adversely affect the development potential of any African country if the wrong choices are made. On the other hand, emerging technologies and knowledge systems that favour more sustainable infrastructure development coupled with Africa’s early stage of development provides the continent with unique leapfrogging opportunities.

Vision and Mission

The vision of TeifaIQ Africa Plc is to realize an Africa that is free from all forms of poverty and the well-being of all Africans is achieved in an ecologically sustainable way over time.

Our mission is to promote the development of transformational infrastructure that will accelerate Africa’s transition to a just, productive and sustainable society characterized by a job rich, climate-resilient and resource efficient economy.