Book on Transformational Infrastructure in Africa Launch

The Launch of a New Book on Transformational Infrastructure for development of a Wellbeing Economy in Africa

A new book under the title Transformational Infrastructure for development of a Wellbeing Economy in Africa edited by Professor Desta Mebratu, CEO of ATLAS , and Professor Mark Swilling, Stellenbosch University, was launched at a side event during the African Ministerial Conference (AMCEN) in Durban on Nov 15, 2019. Besides the presentation and discussion during the side event, Prof Mebratu made a presentation and participated as a panelist during the technical session on Circular Economy.  At the closing, the Ministers passed a number of decisions on promotion of Circular economy in Africa and an African Initiative on Circular Economy has been launched by member countries and development partners. The initiative includes the European Union and the African Development Bank (AfDB) as some of the key partners. A number of delegates and partners, including AfDB, have noted that the book is a timely contribution to this regional initiative on circular economy. Here is the flyer on the content of the book.

All African academic and public institutions will get access to a free copy of the e-Book so that they could be fully informed about the emerging knowledge systems and techniques.  Academic and public institutions can order free e-book here.

Below are some pictures from the book launch event during AMCEN. First Picture is the book launch picture with representatives of STIAS, UNEP and South African Department of Science and Technology. Second picture is Prof Desta Mebratu making a presentation to the Session on Circular Economy in the main conference hall while the third picture is with Mr. Ibrahim Thiaw, Under Secretary General of the United Nations, who also contributed a Foreword to the book. The last picture is with the Minister of Environment of Gabon, who is also the current present of AMCEN, and with the Director of UNEP for Africa.

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