TeifaIQ Africa Plc. is a private consulting company established by African intellectuals and is registered as a private limited company in Cape Town, South Africa, where its Head Office is located. It works in close association with the London-based company, SYSTEMIQ. The organizational structure is as follows:

Founders: TeifaIQ is established by Professor Mark Swilling and Professor Desta Mebratu with equal ownership of the issued shares. The Founders shall make all strategic decisions of the company, including allocation of executive responsibilities, by consensus. The founding shareholders will appoint a Board that will manage the company’s assets, contracts, employees and financial affairs in accordance with the Companies Act (South Africa).

Head Office

TeifaIQ Africa shall have a Head Office based in Cape Town, South Africa, which will be responsible for the execution of the company’s activities. The company may open branch offices in other African cities, as and when needed.

Associate partners

These are individuals and institutions that have expertise and institutional objectives that align with the core services and functions of the company and who are willing to partner with TeifaIQ

Expert teams

The founders and Associate partners are connected to extensive regional and international networks which will be at the disposal of the company. This will form the basis for mobilizing high-calibre expert teams for projects and initiatives.