Our Focus

Transformational Infrastructure

Making investment decisions based on principles and techniques of lifecycle management of planning and development is key for securing a transformational outcome that is inclusive, resource efficient and climate resilient

Circular Economy

Circular Economy and Eco-industrial Parks

Development of a circular economy through eco-industrial parks that are systematically integrated, both horizontally and vertically, into local and national economies for the purpose of inclusive and sustainable industrialisation

Urban Infrastructure

Urban Infrastructure and Economy

Rethinking the way African cities are conceived, designed, built and managed and aligning the urban management and planning with industrial and trade policies through light-touch top-down planning to provide guidance and structure while allowing adaptation and innovation

Sustainable Energy Systems

Sustainable Energy Systems

Addressing energy poverty through the development of sustainable energy systems that enable African countries to utilize their enormous renewable energy potential with significant attention given to distributed energy systems

Resilient Eco-systems

Sustainable and Resilient Eco-systems

Finding regenerative alternatives to the existing damaging development processes that not only conserve natural ecosystems, but more positively also helps restore and rebuild degraded ecosystems